Drug Smugglers 22 Edition

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Drug Smugglers 22 Edition

Post by Tru_Power22 on Fri Apr 04, 2008 10:48 pm

Like drug smugglers? Want one where the DEA leaving doesn't mess the game up. Want a balanced fun game? PLAY THIS!


(Since Jon's Drug Smugglers V2 Final)
Re-worked Money Triggers, so that the amount is balanced DEA Gets Gold in large Bursts, Druggies Get small amount evety so often.
Reduced the amount of Creeps
Fixed Buildings
Removed Broken/Useless Triggers
Removed Some Sounds that Weren't Being Used
Added a system where players that leave get there things removed so players can't use this as an advantage.
Added a system where players can take over the DEA if he leaves
(Since V1)
Fixed a Large Bug Very Happy
Added A timer For DEA Cash Flow
(Since V 1.01)
Hopefully Fixed The You Cant Become The DEA bug
Fixed DEA Money Timer
Added a fix To the Money System
(Since 1.02)
Hope I fixed yet another bug
Added a minimap image
Added A loading Screen Image
(Since 1.03)
Another Bug Fix
(Since 1.04)
Yeah! I Think I finally got the takeover system totally working!
(Since 1.05)
Fixed an issue with vision
Resolved Some Typos
Added a timer for DEA income
Added a tips and tricks section
(Since 1.06)
Increased DEA income - you whiny bitches...
Decreased periodic money for druggies
Let DEA get bounty from killing druggies' units
Slapped the site all over the game Very Happy


http://www.mediafire.com/?ijbhbyfhcye - 1.07 - Newest

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