Thugs *BETA*

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Thugs *BETA*

Post by Tru_Power22 on Thu Mar 27, 2008 7:28 pm

Map History:

My friend and I like playing the old gang wars, a lot. But, there were no new versions for a long time from the official author; rip off versions were IMBA, didn't give the author credit, and sucked. So we decided: what if we made one?

So, a month later, version 1.0 was released, but it was not very good. With a poor, boring map design, no variation on how to play the game, it bombed. We weren't done, though, we remade it, and version 0.1 *BETA* was alive, this version was like the old version, but with new terrain, new units, and boats! This version, while still remaining under the radar, as far as maps go, it had an audience, there were people who like the game and like playing it. So we worked on it, and to date we have version 0.6.4 *BETA*. This version is no where near completion. We are adding more upgrades to some buildings, are planning on making branching tech, and adding player controlled heroes, as well as redesigning the terrain. So, don't think because this version isn't perfect that you should never play it.

Map Overview:

Teams - Two teams, four players on each.

Objective - Destroy the enemies' base.

Gameplay - Similar to gang wars, Thugs is a game of bases; building bases. To attack your opponents you build structures that automatically produce computer controlled units.
-You can also build gangs of thugs, for an extra push.
-There is also a side lane, of water. This is key, because the boats that travel here can attack the fort, and later upgrades can drop off reinforcements.
-Buildings are pretty standard tech, they just keep upgrading, we're planing on adding branching upgrades, and some building have them already.

Features - Not a ton right now, no super secrets, but these are a big work in progress. We're planning on adding new game modes and other things.

-setname (Name Here) : This is a simple command, simply changing your name.


Newest - 0.8.2 *BETA*

0.8.0 *BETA*
0.7.0 *BETA*
0.6.4 *BETA*
First Release - 1.0 *BETA*

Change log:
Decreased range of Humvees
Changed armor type of Humveess to fortified
Increased range of Sherman Tanks
Changed armor type of Sherman Tanks to fortified
Fixed glitch with boats that appeared in 0.8.0 - they now change ownership properly, and move to the enemy base
Fixed glitch with Smuggling Barges that appeared in 0.80 - they now drop units again
Changed computers' unit spawn rate
Completely reworked terrain (Increased map size)
Added another lane for boats
Added more Rock Throwers at base
Changed computers' unit spawn rate
Added Dog Cage
Added Research Centre
Added upgrades
Updated loaded screen
Added "Ground Pound" ability to Teens /w Poles
Fixed name of Multi-Gun Tower
Slighty modified the terrain
Changed the "Teen w/ Rocket Launcher's" projectile

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Re: Thugs *BETA*

Post by ultramega on Thu Mar 27, 2008 8:02 pm

Please feel free to post your comments and make suggestions on the map!

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